The Epilepsy Society of Australia is a professional organisation for clinicians, scientists and technologists involved in the diagnosis, treatment and research of epilepsy in Australia. The purposes of the Society are to:

  • Improve the medical care of people affected by epilepsy in Australia
  • Foster a greater scientific understanding of all aspects of epilepsy through support of research
  • Promote the exchange of medical and scientific information related to epilepsy
  • ASM 2014

    ESA Annual Scientific Meeting 2014
    5-7 November 2014

    Hilton on the Park




    Congratulations to the recipients of the Asian and Oceanian Outstanding Achievement Epilepsy Award announced at the recent 10th Asian and Oceanian Epilepsy Congress at Singapore.

    Maria Soto (Phillipines)

    Qifu Tan (China)

    Ming-Shung Su (Taiwan)

    John Dunne (Australia)

    Each has made an outstanding contribution over many years to improve the wellbeing of those with epilepsy within their home nation and the Asian and Oceanic region.


    International League Against Epilepsy


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